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My instinct has always been to seek out the beauty in our world.

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As the child of artists, I was raised to have a discerning eye.

As the child of artists, I was raised to have a discerning eye. I’ve long favored quality over quantity in all aspects of my life — the sensation of pure silk against my skin, the experience of a fine farm-to-table meal, or the craftsmanship of a thoughtfully-made cocktail, ideally enjoyed under the stars…

I’m a creature of comfort at heart, with a soft spot for sleeping in as we hide away together after a memorable road trip. I might be considered a connoisseur of the world’s best deep-soak bathtubs.

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In all honesty, I’ve always preferred an intimate, one-on-one conversation to a boisterous party. What I value most is true connection, savoring each moment breath by breath. 

I so look forward to savoring a special connection with you. 

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Know Your Company

As a trained artist with a BFA and a certified PADI diver, I’m always expanding my horizons. I can be found behind the camera just as often as I am front of it. Deep down, my first love has always been the earth itself (and in my commitment to sustainability, I do ask that new friends refrain from bringing single-use plastic bottles to our dates). 

I’m lucky enough to have been born and raised in beautiful California, and I delight in the opportunity to show you the most stunning secret spots I’ve found, all while we discover new ones together. 

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In Motion

Figures and Form

While I believe a body is more than the sum of its parts, it doesn’t hurt to know if I’ll tower over you or land at your shoulder when we walk hand in hand.

Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Color: Blue
Height: 178cm / 5’10”
Bust: 86cm / 34”
Waist: 71cm / 28”
Hips: 91 cm / 36”
Shoe: 40 EU

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Coming Out

I have been so very blessed to have all of my sex work advocacy start off in a highly accepting academic setting…

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Fresh Starts

We all have to face it, the yearly commitment to making some big change in our life, one that…

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