On Resolutions and Fresh Starts

We all have to face it, the yearly commitment to making some big change in our life, one that, more than likely, we won’t be living up to. As one year comes to its close a new door is opened, brimming with possibilities, it’s impossible to ignore the call to change.

It’s taken me some time and self reflection to think of my resolutions. And this year, my top priority is kindness. In regards to myself and to others.

In 2018 I commit to:

More Naps

Longer Baths

Meals Made with Love

Time Made for Friends

More Sunshine

More Hikes

More Painting

Small Acts of Kindness Each Day

Intentional Happiness


No Bad Wine

Don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success. And when you find you have fallen short of expectations remember it is an opportunity to learn and grow, not a shortcoming. Rather than committing to weight loss, commit to finding an exercise you love! Rather than committing to a restrictive diet, commit to taking a cooking class once a month and weekly trips to the farmers market.

Practice small steps as self care. Write down 2 or 3 achievable goals each week or even once a month. Reward yourself for the completion with a movie night, a delicious meal out or a day at the spa. Tell your reflection 3 positive things you see each day. Make time to fall in love with your self. I’m all for self indulgence.


May we all live with the purest of intentions and the kindest of hearts.