On Waking, in Hawaii

Sunrise, we don’t often meet you and I. However, on the eve of my birthday, in beautiful Honolulu, I raced to greet the day before you.

I’ve certainly never been a morning person; the joy of stealing away under a thick duvet is too great for me to abandon. However, if you’re at all a camera buff like myself, you’ll not want to miss the chance to watch the sunrise on Oahu. There’s only a handful of beaches that will do it the justice it so deserves.

Sandy Beach just below KoKo Crater is a spongecake-soft oasis. While the undertow makes it a bit too treacherous to swim comfortably, it’s a surfer’s paradise. Beautiful lava formations line the East side of the beach, showing a stark contrast to the light beige of endless, fluffy sand. Even at 6am it’s bound to be pretty crowded. Don’t let that stop you from stripping down to a string bikini and frolicking in the heat; it didn’t stop me.

My birthday trip to Hawaii was one of the most magical gifts I have ever given myself. Four days of solitude and reflection in the thick heat of bliss. Just me, some good literature, and a very trusty vibrator.

The first two days were glitz and glam in Waikiki, sipping blended mojitos by the pool (why did no one tell me that was a thing?!). The second stretch was dedicated to self centering and serenity. A secluded yurt deep in the jungle of the big island housed me and my books for the remaining three days. Rain gently tapping at the roof and windows reminded me that it was OK to enjoy the great indoors. And when the sun returned, black sand beaches and endless jungle awaited me. A carefully placed tree body opened its arms to an enormous skylight with a bed placed just below. While it was perfect for stargazing until my eyelids fluttered closed, lover, I wish you’d been there.

A must-see if you find yourself on the Big Island? The mantas at night! There’s really nothing like laying on the ocean floor, gazing up at the illuminated body of a giant, gentle creature floating just over your head. Rated one of the best night dives in the world, it’s a must-see. Fear not! If you aren’t a PADI mermaid-like myself, you can enjoy the gentle giants just as well from a snorkel buoy above the action.


Before your favorite San Francisco companion bids you adieu, I’ll let you in on a little Kona secret. For the best shaved ice this side of Heaven you have to stop in at One Aloha Shave Ice Co. for all-natural and organic ice flavorings, and, best of all, Snow Caps with a decadent layer of sweet, gooey, milk-cream drizzled on top! This treat is sure to make your mouth water! The shaved ice isn’t bad either…