The Act of Courtship

Do you remember your first real date? Where you took her, what she wore, how late you stayed out? Do you remember if you opened her car door, or greeted her at her front steps with a bouquet? I bet it felt special: a marked moment of your shared interest in each other, and a culmination of stolen glances and flirtatious remarks. Didn’t all of that effort and time make the butterflies even more distinct for your first kiss? I imagine you wish you could relive every moment. With a provider, it’s possible.

Or perhaps that first ‘real’ date is yet to come, and you’ve been too shy to ask someone out. Seeing a provider can help bridge that gap and help you create beautiful memories.

Independent Escort in SFBut take note: treating a date with a provider as some distinctly different experience than a civilian date can lead to immeasurable failure. All women love to be courted, to be pursued and engaged with in a way that makes them feel a sense of distinction in another’s eyes. As providers, we are fully human and are no different.

Women love detail. Have you ever listened to a female colleague or friend describe an exciting part of their day? They paint a scene, a phenomenon known as “the meadow report,” where they use great detail to make the listener know exactly how it felt to be in their shoes. This form of communication was essential to human survival at one point. Those details allowed members of a tribe to share information and better interact with their environment. The tiny details of an experience are actually hardwired into women to enjoy and revel in. So how can you use that instinct to your advantage?

Curate those details on your dates, and see just how far they go. A thoughtful bouquet of her favorite flowers; an opulent gift of one of her most lusted-after jewelry items from her wishlist; a reservation to the restaurant she’s been eyeing; or even just making sure to walk on the roadside on your way to the wine bar can be a sweet enough gesture to catch her notice. Learning to court is an art, and the benefits are an engaged, excited lover.

For many women, foreplay can start from the moment they wake, with a bouquet on the bedside table and breakfast in bed ready to be placed on the duvet. Those thoughtful gestures allow women to feel provided and cared for in a way that makes them want to extend the same feeling to their dates.

If you’re looking for a way to dive deeper into exploring your sexuality and romantic side, I highly suggested taking note of the details moving forward. See what you hadn’t previously noticed in your fast-paced rush through the world around you.

Here are some ideas for how to make your next date a little more memorable for all involved:

-Bring her flowers. You can grab one or two of the flowers at the grocery store, and ask the flower counter to wrap them in brown paper to elevate the look for very little all-in cost. Or you can visit your local florist and ask for a seasonal arrangement in a unique vase to really wow your date.

-Book a unique restaurant for dinner. ‘Unique’ doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive! You could head to a creative tapas bar for some shareable plates and cocktails without breaking the bank, or you could snag that impossible-to-get Michelin reservation a month in advance. She’ll be so pleased that you made sure to wine and dine her, and over a meal you’ll have more time to learn your common interests.

-Make it feel like a vacation. Do you always stay at that same hotel downtown? Why not wander out a bit further to that resort just outside of town, the one with the spectacular views! A change of scenery can be exciting for everyone involved. And what better time to try out the spa than with a couples massage, perhaps with a shared soak in the spa tub after? She’ll definitely be telling her friends about this one. If you’re not a spa guy, order her favorite bottle of wine to the room and soak in the views together on the terrace.

-Help her get ready. Ask for a way to gift her a bit of money in advance for her favorite facialist, a blowout, a foot massage before a day in heels, or to get her nails done. Covering those little beauty costs that she incurs regularly is always a much-appreciated gesture. Do this a few days in advance so she can have the treatment the day before or even the day-of, and you’ll both feel the benefits. I personally always feel so much more confident and vivacious when my nails are perfect and my hair is freshly coiffed.

While some men choose to see providers strictly for a quick, in-and-out experience where your most primal needs are met in the shortest amount of time, those experiences are most likely not the one’s you’ll fawn over for days or months to come. Chemistry can be instantaneous, but a true meaningful connection based on care and trust will lead to experiences you would not get any other way. Helping a woman tap into her feminine energy will open her up and show her that you are safe to explore with, which will likely lead you down exciting paths you couldn’t imagine.

I wish you happy memory-making.

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